Jewish Leadership in Seattle and Los Angeles-and the New Israel Fund

Gary Fouse

Hat tip The Mike Report and Paul Schnee

Much like Orange County, with the feckless Jewish Federation, Hillel, and Anti-Defamation League, Los Angeles and Seattle have big time problems with many of their leaders and organizations, many of whom are anti-Israel.

Paul Schnee, who I had the pleasure of meeting at a recent pro-Israel rally in Los Angeles, has sent me an article in the Jewish Journal on one of the leading figures in Los Angeles, Jonathan Jacoby, who is leaving his position at the LA Jewish Federation to return to the New Israel Fund, of which he is a founding member.


So who is this organization known as the New Israel Fund? It seems they are big financial supporters of several groups dedicated to Israel's destruction.  Here are some links provided to me by Mr. Schnee.





I think we may assume that the New Israel Fund is hardly pro-Israel.

Meanwhile, the Seattle-based blog, The Mike Report, has a troubling sketch of one of Seattle's leading Jewish activists, Ben Murane and the organization he represents, the aforementioned New Israel Fund.


One of the biggest stereotypes of the US Jewish community is that it is monolithic and united in its support of Israel. That is not true.  While each individual American Jew has the right to form his or her own opinion of Israel, it would be nice if the Jewish community was fully aware of which organizations and so-called leaders are for or against Israel. It is fundamentally dishonest for certain Jewish organizations to portray themselves as pro-Israel while they fund and assist other organizations devoted to Israel's destruction.

Sohail Daulatzai's Latest Ravings

Gary Fouse

Tip of the shoe to Dr David J Leonard blog.

Sohail Daulatzai is a professor of film at UC Irvine. From that soapbox, his real profession is damning his adopted country, the USA, which he considers a racist, colonial evil empire. (He was born in Pakistan). Best I can figure, Daulatzai is a frustrated Malcolm X wanna-be who fancies himself as a historian of the African-American experience. In previous writings, this angry guy has implied that Malcolm was really murdered as a result of a white conspiracy. I corrected him on this point a while back when he spoke at UCI. Below is a glowing review of Daulatzai's latest book, a diatribe against America.


As you can see, Daulatzai tries to make a link between African-Americans and Muslims. The obvious omission or error in his thinking is that the "War on Terror" was initiated-especially after 9-11- to save American lives. But what would that matter to "academics" like Daulatzai?

This is what is teaching our youth in our universities, Ladies and Gentlemen. This is what passes for scholarship in our institutions of higher learning.

An American tragedy-Brendan Tevlin

An American tragedy that we and our children will have NOT seen the last of unless Islam, sharia law is removed, however it must be. Eviscerated like the malignant cancer that it is. Our borders are not secure and all immigration should shut down and only be allowed for extreme humanitarian reasons. Any and all Muslim immigration should be stopped and this country should have built 'Israeli style' border fences on the southern and northern borders long ago. A border fence with a no man's land on our side. With armed troops and orders to shoot to kill, if need be.

Filth and perversion such as Brown, once found guilty should be executed at once. Islam is evil, vile, perverted and such acts as this are going to continue and will get worse. It could have been me, you, your children. Political correctness, diversity and excessive multiculturalism are to blame as are foulness of politics and history. Islam is the Nazism of our time. Make no mistake about this. This the result of weakness and allowing rampant political correctness on our part.

I have been a counterjihadist since 1979. There is not one minute that regret since I turned this way. I am against Islam, sharia law, the filth that was spewed by Mohammad and that is in the qur'an. Islam is the the lowest form of humanity.

There is no peace within Islam and with Islam there can NEVER be peace.

An American tragedy that will be repeated until we, you and I say enough is enough. I urge any of you reading this to arm yourselves, learn them, train with them and teach your children well. The government will not, cannot protect against this threat. The government is walking hand in hand, goose stepping down Pennsylvania Avenue with the jihadists and Islam.

We are at war with Islam and what more proof do you need? PatriotUSA

Stolen from Rightly Wired.


Brendan Tevlin, American martyr, murdered on U.S. soil by jihadist killer

By Katie Coyne

Brendan Tevlin was the exemplar of what American parents hope their children become. As such, he was also a symbol of what Muslim jihadists hope to exterminate.

His obituary reads like an award ceremony, except that all of the achievements were his. A young Irish Catholic American, Brendan had completed his first year of college. He was an older brother to three, a Eucharistic minister, president of the Gaelic Club, and a talented bagpiper. In high school, Brendan was a member of the National Honor Society, Lacrosse Team, Ambassador’s Club, Student Council, Math Honor Society, and Spanish Honor Society.

Brendan would often volunteer to play his bagpipe at funerals, probably never imaging how soon seventy-five bagpipers would play to the hundreds of attendees at his own. By every account he was a charismatic, kind, and outgoing young man.
Brendan Tevlin, 19, was murdered by Ali Muhammad Brown, a Muslim terrorist, in an act of domestic terrorism.

Brown told authorities that murdering Brendan was a “just kill.” He was seeking vengeance for Muslim deaths in “Iraq, Syria, (and) Afghanistan.”

Ali Brown Interview

You can read the complete court documents here: Washington State vs Brown.
On June 25, at a red light in West Orange, NJ, Brown selected Brendan at random and shot him eight times in his Jeep.


Brown murdered three other men earlier this year. Police have issued bulletins to determine if there are more victims of his terrorist plot. Mainstream media have buried this story. Apparently, they don’t think that jihadists travelling across the U.S. and murdering random Americans (simply because they are Americans) is newsworthy.

Why is there hesitancy to report on the murder of a college student by a self-described terrorist? Perhaps those suppressing this story fear that if they were to identify a particular group as evil, the American public might react in a discriminatory or hateful manner. In reality, when the press fails its journalistic duty to identify evil, evil prospers and grows – just like it’s doing right now.

More likely, national media outlets are silent because they are still covering for the President’s ineptitude. Obama declared that the “global war on terror is over” and that al-Qaeda “is on the run.” He called ISIS the JV team. He has said, “The world is less violent than it has ever been.” He announced, “we’ve won the war in Iraq” and he blamed media for our concern about global affairs: “We’re just noticing [how messy the world is] because of social media and our capacity to see in intimate detail the hardships that people are going through.”

Because of social media, we have a realistic picture of what the world has become. Contrary to Obama’s claims, terrorist organizations are increasing in number and popularity, to the extent that growing percentages of Muslims in western countries are sympathetic to ISIS.

In his college application, Brendan wrote, “If the world were to stop spinning at this very moment, could you honestly say you are satisfied with what you have accomplished in your life? I couldn’t […] Most importantly […] I haven’t made the difference that I know that I personally can make.”


We need to be inspired by Brendan’s life and angered by Brendan’s death. So, rather than sitting around cursing MSNBC, CNN, and the New York Times for failing to cover this story; we can make a difference. We can be the ones to tell this story.

The ALS Ice Bucket challenge is one that everyone knows of by now. That is the power of social media at its best. We need to use the same ingenuity and commitment to inform the American public about the murder of Brendan Tevlin.

Let’s personally make a difference. Blog about this tragedy, Facebook it, tweet #BrendanTevlin at media personalities you trust, and tell your friends. Call your local talk radio show. Email independent news sources about Brendan.


The murder of Brendan Tevlin is the ultimate hate crime. Shot down in an ordinary American neighborhood, Brendan was not killed for profit or due to something he did or said – Brendan was slaughtered because his killer hates America and hates Americans.
The reality of this tragic, hate-filled murder may not fit some networks’ narrative, but it is very real. If we ignore this reality, it will happen again, and again, and again.

We need to end this violence. We need to make sure there are no more Brendan Tevlins – young Americans murdered in America because they are Americans. Change will only come when Americans hear the truth – and it is up to each of us to spread that truth. Let it begin right now.

This article has been edited to include the court documents regarding the case. 

Source is here

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CIA Assessment of the non-Islamic Islamic State

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Non-Islamic Jihadists Planning To Fight for The Islamic State Arrested At Islamic Centre

Source: The Telegraph.

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Obama's strategy to deal with the non-Islamic Islamic State

Source: The Telegraph.

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Dogs Home On Fire

'Arson' attack on Manchester Dogs' Home kills 43 animals as have-a-go-heroes storm building to save up to 150 pups and hundreds turn out to offer homes and blankets

  • Distraught neighbours heard yelping from Manchester Dogs' Home kennels
  • 30 firefighters on scene as hundreds of locals offered homes and blankets 
  • Two dog-lovers risked lives to run into the building and save 20 animals
  • 'It's part of our childhoods. Of course we are going to run in there', said one 

The selfish gene, eh? What a load of bollocks.

Here's the link.

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24 weeks abortion limit - the evidence

Here's the link.

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Sons of Anarchy 7 - Bohemian Rhapsody

Here's the link - the whole track is available on SoundCloud.

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A sad day indeed-Commieblaster is gone???

Posting with only my comments from me sharing this on Facebook.

I am John Galt, Commieblaster. Pick up the torch or become a statistic after you are totally a slave.

I am an American PATRIOT, call me renegade, call me outlaw, call me terrorist, call me Whitey, call me rude, call Cracker, call me a bitter clinger who would rather cling to his religion and guns and I am who I be. Treat me as a cur and mongrel Forged into what I am by believing in and standing for AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM. Before this there was English EXCEPTIONALISM. I stand against all foreign and DOMESTIC tyranny, against those come in the night to steal, pilfer, enslave, suppress and strip away my freedoms and yours. Kill me and I will be replaced by ten, kill them and those will be replaced by 100. I will die willingly so me kids might know the taste of freedoms I have known. These colours do not run and neither do those who I know from across the pond and vast oceans. If being white is crime, then call me criminal. John Galt is not skin color bound and read between the lines. Come, call me criminal to me face. True freedom is a spirit that NO ONE can destroy.

Are you John Galt? PatriotUSA

From FOTM: (Note: John Galt is a character in Ayn Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged (1957), a philosopher and inventor who believes in the power and glory of the human mind, and the right of the individual to use his/her mind solely for him/herself. He serves as a highly individualist counterpoint to the collectivist social and economic structure depicted in the novel, in which society is based on oppressive bureaucratic functionaries and a culture that embraces mediocrity in the name of egalitarianism, which the novel interprets as the end result of socialistic idealism.)



 Dear Readers,

5 years ago we launched a simple project. We collected internet links to selected news articles, sorted them into categories and made them available to the public on our website. We had no idea where this project would take us. Our journey was shocking, unimaginable, a nightmare.

Via our research, we learned:
We initially supposed that shining a light on this situation would solve it, but no more. We have learned, by studying history, the only way to stop this fascist insanity is to stage a multi-million-person, peaceful, sustained siege on Washington D.C., like the one-day protest we attended below. There are more of us than them, and they will back down if enough people organize and peacefully, legally resist. They know this and so they fear us.

However, with one party control of government and media, we no longer see this option happening in the near term unless a unifying event occurs or uncorrupted leaders emerge with the ability to reach and organize masses. As evidence of this assumption, even the most flagrant, obvious lies and crimes, such as the IRS scandals and Benghazi are effectively ignored by both parties, law enforcement, courts and media, and left unpunished. 

There is enough evidence already captured on our website site to cause any reasonable person to see a sustained, deliberate pattern of organized crime on a massive scale and to demand an unbiased, independent investigation, trial and conviction of every treasonous member of Congress and Government involved. Therefore, we are ceasing in our daily reporting and placing our energies on new initiatives. Commercial-free, adware-free, money-influence-free, and political-correctness-free daily news reporting comes to an end, but our website remains to inform our fellow citizens of the Government’s lawless tyranny that occurred from September 2009 to September 2014.

Now it’s time for us to take a new path. We faithfully served our 5-year tour of duty as a reporter in America’s 100-year-old war against Communism without any form of compensation or personal recognition. 

Who of you will pick up the flag next? Who will document and help stop our Government’s treason and crimes so we can prosecute the traitors? Who will show us how to restore what they have destroyed when this illegal form of Government is ultimately overthrown in the 2nd American Revolution?


I am. You are.
Let’s roll.
-- C.B.

Like Yuri said: 'It's not James Bond... It's all right out there in the open."

Wake Up, America! Commies are Running Our Country and It's Time to Get Rid of Them Now!

Source is here.

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