Our Insane Immigration Policy

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Creeping Sharia

The below report is not only troubling, it is outrageous. With a clear and present danger of Islamic terrorism in our own country, our government is rushing pell-mell in an insane drive to bring more and more Muslim immigrants into this country. Never mind 9-11. Never mind the Boston Marathon massacre. Never mind the numerous FBI interceptions of would be jihadists. Never mind those who have left the US to join the Jihad with the clear intent to bring it back to our shores.

Our government continues to actively sponsor a flood of Muslim immigrants to this country.


It pains me to say this because I am married to an immigrant, and I generally support immigration-something that has benefited our country immeasurably.

But something has gone horribly wrong.

Combine this with the flood of illegal immigrants and this is tantamount to a country losing its sovereignty. It also places the lives of American citizens in grave danger.

Is there anybody in Washington with any common sense?

This will do nicely!

One hand is out of the grave. The other will follow soon.

I could easily call this home............

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The Media is Demonizing the Targets of the Garland Attack

Gary Fouse

The dust has barely settled over Garland, Texas, and already the liberal media is going into overdrive to demonize not the two shooters who died trying to barge their way into the center where they would have killed possibly scores of people, but the organizers of the Draw Mohammad cartoon event. The number one target is Pam Geller. The below article by NPR is typical:


We should also note that the media is largely using the Southern Poverty Law Center as a source of attack. The SPLC has done some good work in the past in identifying truly hateful people and organizations. The problem is that they have a liberal bent and have singled out some people and organizations erroneously. I think Geller and her organization is one example.

First of all, there has to be a distinction made between criticizing Islam, sharia law, and the jihadists who seek to do us harm and Muslims as people. Thus, I think it is off the mark to charge the American Freedom Defense Initiative as being, "anti-Muslim".

Furthermore, instead of blaming the targets of the attack because their cartoon contest was offensive to Muslims, these critics should be saying, "It's only a cartoon". In other words, how does drawing cartoons justify deadly violence?

"Because it is blasphemous," say the critics.

Yes, it is, but so is showing an "art" exhibit with Christ on a crucifix dunked in a jar of urine or showing the Virgin Mary encased in elephant dung. Christians are highly insulted by that. Mormons are insulted by a play called, "The Book of Mormon" that insults the Mormon religion. Yet that is all called art, and we were reminded that it falls under freedom of expression. Christians and Mormons were told to get over it. And we did. Nobody got killed, and there were no riots. No museums or theaters were burned down.

But political correctness dictates that Geller, Robert Spencer, Geert Wilders and the other near-victims in Garland be criticized because they mocked the Prophet Mohammad. Yet it must be pointed out that this was a reaction to the fact that Islamic organizations had recently held a "Stand by Our Prophet Day" at the same site in Garland as a reaction to the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris.

Maybe that was offensive too.

Let us be honest. Even the liberal left knows there is a fundamental difference between how Christians, Mormons and other religions react to being insulted or mocked and the way Muslims do *(not all Muslims, of course). We know that insulting Islam results in some Muslims becoming very violent-murderously violent. Does that mean that we must all become silent and not discuss what is happening around the world? Must we remain silent when Christians are the object of genocide in the Middle East? Must we remain silent as we witness the beheadings? Can we not freely discuss the problem and the causes, to say nothing about the threats we face? If we decide that cartoons are off-limits, what's next-pointing out that there are violent verses in the Koran?

Here is how I have handled the Mohammad cartoon question on this site: On the one hand, I have not shown Mohammad cartoons, nor have I reproduced Charlie Hebdo's cartoons. What I have done is show cartoons that have come out as a response to the Paris massacres. Below is an example.

That cartoon does not insult anybody but the violent jihadists, and I am perfectly comfortable with it. No apologies are warranted or forthcoming.

Reasonable people can disagree on the wisdom of showing Mohammad cartoons. The right to do so in America is not negotiable. But there can be no tolerance for anyone thinking they can conduct murder and mayhem in this country over the issue. This is America. We have the First Amendment. Once we give that up, America is gone.

It's Not the Police Who Have Failed Baltimore

Gary Fouse

This article first appeared in Eagle Rising.

Whatever the facts of Freddie Gray's death, a few things are becoming clearer by the day. Baltimore's biggest problem is not the police. It is their political leadership.

First of all, it's hard to say black Baltimoreans have been the victims of a racist system when you have a black mayor, a black chief of police, black city council members and 40% black cops. Add to that our African-American president and both of his attorneys general, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch.

Baltimore is a tough, working-class city and not a place where you go walking around at night. Once you have visited the beautiful Inner Harbor, things get gritty fast. Tonight, I heard reports that there are some 35,000 abandoned buildings in the city. This city is in a sad state of affairs.

First of all, the city's mayor has failed in her responsibilities, both with her order to the police to stand down on the evening of April 27 and not even don their riot helmets. An added disgrace was her public statements about allowing the ones who wanted to destroy things to have their space, She then denied she said it even though it is clearly on videotape. Today, shielded by the ever-ready Al Sharpton, she glumly refused to answer questions from Fox's reporter Leland Vittert glaring at him as Sharpton and her entourage pushed Vittert back. Indeed, Baltimore's politicians-and Elijah Cummings have reacted angrily to the presence of reporters.

What we are seeing in Baltimore is a testament to the political failure of big city Democratic dominance. Look at other cities like Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago and other places-dominated by the Democrat party for decades. They are failed cities, with the arguable exception of Chicago with its combination of glitter mixed with South Side gang murders off the charts, a problem Rahm Emanuel and his predecessors have been unable to stem.  The same statement could be made about Los Angeles. You want to see how a beautiful city like San Francisco can deteriorate under the weight of the thousands of homeless people roaming the streets? Take a walk through downtown San Francisco. When did it become depressing to walk around the City by the Bay? (Of course, you can escape all that by going to Golden Gate Park, where you can stroll down Nancy Pelosi Drive.)

In addition, many of the above cities have had black mayors, black aldermen/ women, black city council members, and black police chiefs. Where has been the improvement in the lives of the inner city residents?  The question I ask is why black voters never hold the Democratic party accountable whether they are white, black, Hispanic politicians or otherwise.

If the Baltimore police were guilty of malfeasance or negligence in the death of Mr Gray, let the facts come out. Letting people riot, burn and injure police officers is unacceptable. In addition, it is hoped that the public will take a second look at how Democrats are running these big cities

At the Daily Tarheel, Free Speech for Me, Not for Thee

Gary Fouse

In recent days, Mitt Romney has spoken at Duke and David Horowitz at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This has resulted in  an editorial by the Daily Tarheel, the campus paper at UNC. It maintains that campus speakers should be chosen "with discretion".


Really? So Mitt Romney should not speak at Duke because he is partisan. Would the Daily Tarheel object to President Obama or Hillary Clinton speaking at Duke or UNC? Have they objected to Democratic politicians speaking on campus in the past. I doubt it.

And they object to David Horowitz expressing his right of free speech at UNC? The truth hurts, doesn't it? Would the Daily Tarheel object to speakers from the "other side" speaking on campus?

I note that just in February, both schools hosted a Malcolm X event in which Professor Sohail Daulatzai, my "good friend" from UC Irvine, was a panelist. This is man who not only hates Israel, but also considers America to be a racist, imperialistic nation.


The Daily Tarheel is guilty of gross hypocrisy here.

Hussam Ayloush (CAIR) Meets Tom Trento (Again)

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Creeping Sharia

Here is a nice film clip of Tom Trento of The United West greeting CAIR's LA director, Hussam Ayloush during "Capitol Day"* in Washington DC. Tom asks Ayloush if there is a Muslim Brotherhood in the US and gets the typical lie for an answer.


I wonder if Ayloush recognized Trento from their previous encounter in May 2011 in Anaheim when we were protesting an award being given to Muzammil Siddiqi. That was when Tom told Ayloush that he represented a despicable organization (CAIR). Ayloush had to be "rescued" by his cohort, Shakeel Syed of the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California, who came and grabbed Ayloush by the arm and led him across the street. It was quite comical.

As to the question of whether there is a Muslim Brotherhood in America, the answer is yes though not in a formal sense. Their representatives are organizations like CAIR, MPAC, ISNA, ICNA and the Muslim Students Association. That was brought out in the 2007 Holy Land Foundation trial in Dallas where an "explanatory memorandum" was introduced into evidence, which had been seized by the FBI  That was a 1991 Brotherhood letter addressed to several; of the above organizations (CAIR had not yet been founded) identifying them as the "North American brothers, whose task it was to destroy the American system from within. It was surely this document that Trento was offering to show Ayloush.

It is also the same document I handed to Brotherhood representative Ibrahim El Hudaiby when he came to UC Irvine in 2008  to speak in Professor Mark LeVine's class. Hudaiby told the students a number of lies including that the Brotherhood had no people in the US. He pronounced the document a forgery. (It was not.)

* Capitol Day: An annual event whereby CAIR and other Islamist activists flood the US and many state capitols with representatives lobbying for their causes.

Tufts University Professor Gives Bizarre Speech

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Frontpage Magazine and Campus Watch

Bizarre. That's the only word I can attach to this presentation given March 17 in Washington DC by Tufts University professor Thomas Abowd on the issue of Israel and Jerusalem. Andrew Harrod wrote the below article for Frontpage Magazine.


There's not a lot one can add to Harrod's piece, which leaves one with the impression that Abowd must have been smoking his socks prior to taking the microphone. I would like to add a couple of points though.

First of all, how many times is there word "Jerusalem" found in the Old and New Testaments? Hundreds, I would guess. How about the Koran?


That is because, Dear Reader, Jerusalem was the capital of the Jewish land of Israel three thousand years ago long before Islam was born.The Islamic claim to Jerusalem as their third holiest city is based on the belief that the prophet Mohammad flew there on a winged horse one night from where he ascended into the heavens to meet with prior prophets. Even then, it was referred to as "the farthest mosque"-even though there was no mosque there at the time. That's rock solid.

And when did the Arabs in the region begin referring to themselves as "Palestinians"? That would be in the 1960s.

Before closing, let me retract the above crack about Abowd smoking his socks. I just realized that March 17 was St Patrick's Day. That explains the boffo statements. In the future I would hope Abowd will celebrate St Paddies Day after he gives a speech.

Washing machine blues and boogie

If you thought this would be a post with a cool blue's song then you will be disappointed. Maybe I will dig up a song to go along with the post but this remains to be discovered. This is strictly about the stirring saga of trying to find a new washing machine that will actually get your clothes CLEAN and will last hopefully 10 to 20 years. Environmental 'footprint' was taken into consideration but I am about having clean clothes and a dependable washing machine. I did not set out to please the EPA or the environazis that have ruined so much with stupid government regulations and overreach. Whether I was successful or not here remains to proven over time. Of course, snark and ranting will be mixed into the post.

This story starts back in 2003 with the purchase of a Maytag Neptune front loading washer. The Neptune I purchased was the first generation Neptune and in some ways was a mistake. The Neptune cost around $650.00 back in 2003. After three weeks the control board and motor went out and was replaced under warranty. These were made in France which pretty much explains why they failed and thus was part of a massive problem with the first run of Neptune washers. Next there was a terrible mold problem that three factory fixes failed to resolve. This is a problem with most front loaders. I resorted to leaving the door open, using copious amounts of white vinegar to keep the mold at bay but this problem was never solved and resulted in a class action suit against Maytag. To this day the Neptune has suffered from a mold problem and it is very nasty. Next another board went out and locked up the motor and toasted the board. Once again, fixed under the extended warranty I purchased. About 5 years ago the bearings for the tub went bad and the machine howls like an F-16 on take off with the throttles to the stops. My Neptune has continued to limp along, bad bearings and all up until 21 days ago when it also started groaning and rattling and shredding pieces of plastic from the door, tub seals and drain assembly. All in all it has been an OK unit. I liked the idea of using less water and detergent with the front loaders. This was also before the idiotic limits the statist, environazi government placed on how many gallons a washer can use while washing. The Neptune actually did very well getting clothes clean and spinning out the water. I got estimates on repairing the Neptune and it was not worth repairing as they were running from a low of $400 to a high of $650.00 plus it is 13 years old. I have excellent repair technicians who are honest and know the products. So I was left with having to start the task of getting a NEW washer. Forget a used one as my luck is terrible with used appliances. I just replaced the dishwasher a year ago and knew the new appliances generally sucked compared to the old ones. The dishwasher replacement was a great learning lesson and the one I ended up with has been decent but not as good as the 14 year old Kitchen Aid it replaced. Thank you EPA, stupid dirty, smelly hippies and the environmentalists who have probably NEVER worked a real job nor gotten really filthy, dirty from their work or had their work clothes be covered in oil, grease, ashes, fluids, blood and gore, chemicals or contaminated by massive smoke from fighting fires or forest dirt and duff from working in the woods. Thank you for enslaving us with mediocre, cheaply built appliances that do not last and seem to break at every turn. Lousy appliances that are more driven by fancy technology, electronics, digital controls that are way more expensive to repair and do not do the job they are designed to do, well at all.

I started my search for the elusive new washer by looking at professional reviews and then the consumer reviews which are much better at assessing long term reliability and how well a product DOES work for you, me, the consumer. The washing machines that the professionals raved about and loved were extremely expensive, loaded to the gills with fancy controls, low profile of no agitator if it was a top loading washer or front loader that did not use enough water to actually get your clothes clean. The lack of enough water was a constant complaint for both new top and front loaders. Once I got into the consumer reviews the machines the professionals loved were loathed by the consumer. Imagine that! The complaints ran all over the place. Excessively long run times due to so little water being used, clothes not rinsing well, coming out of washer dripping wet, poor agitation of the clothes, detergent not rinsing out due to not enough water resulting in multiple cycles to get the clothes 'clean'. Then there was the failure of parts, poor warranty protection, poor build quality, cheap parts, excessive use of plastics and the worst of all, POOR factory service. It did not seem to matter which manufacturer I looked at. I considered both front and top loading machines. I looked at Samsung, LG, Fischer Paykel, Bosch, Whirlpool, Kenmore, GE, Hotpoint, Maytag. I looked and read reviews on low end models to high end models. General consensus is that the new washers are very poor compared to ones built and designed years ago. I spent two weeks reading and researching and thanks again to the government and the EPA, most new washers really did not cut the mustard at all. What is one to do?

Here is what I did and it is not the solution for everyone but then I care first about clean clothes, durability and the environment second. Say what you want about me, call me horrible names, I seriously could care less. I hate the Toyota Prius and similar cars. Stay out of way if you drive a stinking, I am 'so special' Prius. All you hippies can fook off and go wash your stinky hippie rags and panties in the river upon the rocks. While you are down at the river washing your clothes, jump in and drown yourself and help us by ridding us of your stupidity. Many years ago I owned a Speed Queen top loading washer and loved it. I lost it in my first divorce. Speed Queen is an older American company and all they make are laundry cleaning, drying machines, made in the USA. No ranges, no refrigerators, just washer and dryers. So I went to the company website and I liked what I found. Consumer reviews were even better. A bad, poor review was extremely rare and some of these people had owned their Speed Queens for over 20 years with nary a spook of trouble. Speed Queens are what you find in most commercial laundry sites. The warranty is very good. Five years total on ALL parts, lifetime on the stainless steel tub and 15 years on the motor and transmission. Got that last one? 15 years on the motor and transmission. Unheard of these days. Most other companies offered a one year warranty, or a two year and again many reviews were terrible regarding the warranty service. Speed Queen does not make a huge variety of washers and dryers. They have stuck with what works and has stood the test of time. They make both front and top loaders. Price was a more than I had in reality but a local appliance company offered me a decent deal and I bought one. It cost me $950.00 (goodbye tax returns and there went my new rifle I was wanting) and this was with a five extended warranty to play it safe, mainly to cover electrical surges as here in central POORegon our grid is very old and unstable. It is a top loader with analog, dial controls. I CAN control the amount of water, the temperature of the water and a wash cycle takes 30 minutes, not an hour or two or three hours. No digital controls and no buzzers or songs to let you know the wash cycle is done. It uses any detergent and it is old school agitator design. This machine gently flogs your clothes and can easily handle loads for a family of four.  It does not have a huge tube of 4.8 or 5.0 cubic feet. The tub fills almost to the top with water if need be and online one can find a simple tweak to 'adjust' the water control valve. Mine was ordered with a two speed transmission so it is coming from the factory in Wisconsin. I had a plethora of colors to choose from, basic white. Fine with me. Do I want something in a dumb designer color that is going to break or not work well? Nope,could care less and there in no wife around to badger me about matching the old Neptune dryer which is still working fine. No wife is turning out to be really good and a nice change. It will be tough with my orthopedic wrecking yard of a body but it is just me and AJ the wonder dog. Parts be be a bit of challenge here on the West coast but I can live with this if it does not break very often. The beauty of the Speed Queens is that they use enough water and it is simple why they get your clothes so clean. The washer weighs in at just under 200 Lbs and the cabinet is solid steel. Most of the other new washers weigh half as much. 98% of the parts are American made and sourced. The government hates this company and their products. After 2017 buying a washer like this will become much more difficult thanks to new regulations coming into play. I hate the climate change morons, their agenda of enslavement, population elimination and control.

The environmentalists want you to be saddled with a piece of junk that does not get your clothes clean and will not last. But hey, who cares if it is better for the planet, right? So do you buy a washer that uses more a bit more water, lasts many years and gets your clothes clean, is easily repairable or buy an environazi, earth muffin, tree hugger, prairie fairie approved washer that sucks and will end up being crushed in five years or less? I opted for the right choice, I hope. I pray it is the last washer I have to buy and I can leave it for my two kids to fight over after I cross the rainbow bridge to be reunited with all my dogs. I consider this washer to be the International of the laundry business. International makes truck and they made outstanding light trucks up until 1979-1980. I have owned two Travelall's and excellent trucks they are. A bit quirky and parts were a pain. I plan on hunting for an old International 4x4 3/4 or one ton Travelall after I sell this house and downsize. Of course, this depends on having enough funds left after I get into another home, if I can.

Nothing fancy and the model I purchased

Why did PatriotUSA babble on about a washer and do I really give a damn about this?

Here is why and yes, you should give a damn. First of all as many of you know, products today are poor in both overall quality of parts and build. Finding a well built, made in USA appliance is very difficult and I could care less about supporting a global economy and community. I want my money spent here on USA made products and I want to support workers in MY country, not some far off country across the ocean where workers are not treated very well and their products are overpriced for you get. Second is the fact of what the government is trying to force you to buy. Look at light bulbs here stateside as just one example. I purchased a large stash of the old incandescent bulbs up to 100 watts so I do not have to buy the new CFL or overpriced LED bulbs. Third is what you the consumer has the power to control and purchase. I would have stayed with a front loading washer but I am tired of the drawbacks and a new Speed Queen front loader was out of my modest price range. The environmentalists, our GLOBAL governments want you to buy a piece of junk for poor old mother earth and to help combat globull warming, climate change and do not think this does not come under the 'greater good, EVIL' of UN Agenda 21. If you do not know what UN Agenda 21 is then follow the links at the bottom of the post. These are starter links and I encourage you to understand what is at stake here. Our everyday purchases are being whittled away in the name of saving the planet and enslaving us. Yes, that means you and me. Our global governments, the stinking, smelly old hippies, the new age progressives, the collectivists that make up the environmental movement of today do NOT want you to be able to go buy a Speed Queen washer or dryer or any other well built, long lasting product. The globalists want YOU in small, clustered housing, no car ownership, no real home ownership, reliant on public transportation, no creature comforts like air conditioning, lowering mine and yours standard of living to help out those poor third world countries. Agenda 21 is a policy of global enslavement. It goes down to the lowest local levels of government to elect people who will enforce this nefarious policy of slavery to the statists in charge.

Thanks for reading and posting when I can. Life has been a real bitch but not the end of the world. I am slowly moving into a better place.

I remain, as always, your obedient and humble servant.

UN Agenda 21 - Coming to a Neighborhood near You

Agenda 21 American Policy Center 

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Let's Boycott the PA

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Algemeiner

University of New Orleans student and pro-Israel activist Chloe Valdary has come up with a great idea that many of us should have thought of by now.

Boycott the Palestinian Authority.


I'm in! Why should we send one dime to the PA especially now that they have made a deal with Hamas?

Boycott, Divest and Sanctions? Two can play that game.

Obama's "Success Story" in Yemen

Gary Fouse

Yesterday, the suicide bombings of Shi'ite mosques in Yemen resulted in the deaths of 137 people, for which ISIS proudly took credit. If you are wondering why (Sunni) ISIS would want to bomb mosques were Shia worship, it all goes back to the death of the Prophet Mohammad and a disagreement over who his rightful successor should have been. Of course, it had nothing to do with Islam (yesterdays' bombings).

It also brought to light President Obama's mentioning Yemen as one of his administration's "successes". As I write this, it has just been announced that we are pulling all remaining special military forces out of Yemen. That follows the evacuation of our embassy.